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The First Bloodshed of the ‘45

The first bloodshed of the 1745 Jacobite Rising took place during a skirmish on the 16th August 1745 at High Bridge or Dròchaid Bhàn as it was known to the Highlanders. This bridge, 8 miles from the town of Fort William, carried the Military Road between the Government forts of Fort William and Fort Augustus. […]

The Beetle Wing Dress

There is a dress on display at the West Highland Museum which has fascinated me for several years, as it seems somewhat out of place, especially considering that the museum’s collection doesn’t include many objects which were made outside of the Highlands, or Scotland for that matter. During lockdown, many folks have found themselves with […]

St Kilda, The Evacuation

90 years ago today, at 8am on 29th August 1930 the evacuation of the far flung island archipelago of St Kilda began. The HMS Harebell pulled away from the harbour on the main island of Hirta; and with it, at least 2,000 years of human occupation, courage, fortitude, suffering and a unique lifestyle came to […]