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The Hiroshima Plaque and the Peace Cairns

When Highland Council relocated to the Charles Kennedy Building in 2018, they gifted an array of interesting items to the Museum.  Among the objects donated was the original Hiroshima Plaque that once stood in the Parade, Fort William.  (A replica plaque now stands in its place) The plaque along with details of its fascinating history […]

The Hepburn Bequest

One question most often asked by our visitors is how we acquire our exhibits.  Some of our exhibits are gifted by individual donors, or by families clearing out attics or outhouses.  Or, by serendipity – like the secret portrait our jewel in the crown – found by accident.   We are also fortunate because we have […]

10 facts you (probably) didn’t know about the West Highland Museum

A milestone is within reach The Museum celebrates its 100th birthday in May 2022.  Descendants of original founders Victor Hodgson and Elizabeth Ryan to this day are directors of the Museum. 2. We can print our own currency A copper plate made by Sir Robert Strange and intended to print currency for the Jacobites was […]